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"Believe in your dream with all your heart, and believe your dream is everything you deserve."

Jesse Martinez shares #HisStory:

"Growing up in the foster system, the most defining experience to me, was realizing that the most valuable belongings I carried with me from home to home, were not my clothes or my shoes, but my very own feelings. The most challenging experience, was trying to protect those feelings behind a troublesome childhood, while at the same time, attempting to find a reason to believe in the purpose of my Life.

The thing I needed the most when I emancipated I'd say, would be guidance, direction, and mentorship. However what I found is, is that if you can not find it in a physical human being, books books and books, there are plenty of books particularly motivational and inspirational material that will help jumpstart your mind, to better help you become aware and believe in just how important you really are no matter where you come from, or what you are going through.

The foster care system taught me one of life's best lessons, which is going through the foster system doesn't have to be an unfortunate life experience. For what you thought of as an unfortunate experience, may lead you to one day helping someone else going through the same predicament. It's always a positive when you go from an unfortunate experience, and into a greater Life purpose because of it.

Some advice- Constantly close your eyes, quiet your mind, and picture yourself as the person you dream to be one day be. Protect this dream with all your strength by believing in yourself, and under absolutely no circumstance, do you let anyone tell you that it won't be possible."

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