Ashley Williams

"After entering the foster care system, I was separated from my twin at an early age, and many of my foster parents physically and sexually abused me. By the time I graduated from high school, I had been in over 36 foster homes and 26 schools.

To those in the system: I know we feel like we’ve done this whole foster care thing by ourselves. Truth is, we need people along the way to encourage us. People that will remind us of our worth and our purpose DESPITE those restricting labels that have been placed upon us: Being a Foster Youth. Being Black. Being Latino. Being Womyn. Being LGBQT. Being Special Ed. And Being Different.

I am living proof that you can use those same labels to break through the glass ceiling and dominate every space you walk into. Know that nothing is impossible once you recognize and boldly tell yourself that I’M POSSIBLE."

-Ashley Williams, Law Clerk at Children's Law Center & J.D. Candidate Southwestern Law School with #HerStory

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