Terri Zerbe

"You don’t have to adapt to unhealthy situations. You ARE loved and you are WORTHY of love!

I know it's hard, but learn to love YOU! Temporary experiences will affect you for a very long time. Even after you find your forever family, have the life partner of your dreams, land that dream job... you must be your own superhero and learn to heal. The struggle is real, but you are worth the struggle!

During my time in #FosterCare, I learned how to love unconditionally. It taught me that people you've known all your life, or your "blood," aren't always your family. Family are the people that will love and hold you when you’re hurting the most or when you’re at your ugliest. They'll love you with the full understanding of what you’ve been through!

I am here to tell you YOU ARE LOVED! You don't need those people who have hurt you repeatedly, you don't need their love or approval. If you are in foster care, this time of your life will end... you won't be abused forever. Once you love yourself, nothing can ever bring you down!"

-Terri Zerbe with #HerStory

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