Tyraughn Barnett / It was so unexpected.

"I've been in 30 foster homes, 2 group homes, 16 elementary schools, 1 middle school, and 4 high schools all from the ages of 7-21."

Tyråughn Bårnett shares #HisStory for our #SpeakUp series:

"My brother and I were in the process of being adopted when I was 13, and he was 11. It didn't go through, because the last social worker we had never made it happen. 

What I needed the most when I emancipated was family. I was just told I had a court date 11 days after my birthday. Turned out that I was emancipated. It was so unexpected. Having no money or a place to live, my foster parent let me stay until I was ready to leave. But my stuff was coming up missing so I decided to move out and live with friends until I finally found a place!

Piece of advice- Never give up. Learn your rights. Ask your social worker about your rights, if you don't know them. Keep your head up and stay strong! Join clubs that'll keep you busy with others. Use Facebook to connect with other foster youth."

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