"I think that all youth transitioning out of the foster care system needs help with basic necessities. If we can continue to provide those for them as they exit, they will have a better chance in doing the things that will help them move up."

Felicitas Reyes shares #HerStory:

"One of the worst experiences I had in the foster care system was when I was separated from my siblings. I am one of eight so it is really hard to keep all of us together. When we got put into the system in California I was put with 3 of my other siblings. Everyone else was separated. This had a huge impact on me because to this day one of my little brothers does not even think I am his real sister because he has been away from the rest of us for so long.

Housing was a big thing for me when I was emancipating from the foster care system. Luckily I had some amazing people in my corner that let me stay with them when I couldn't stay in my university dorms.

The foster care system taught me that there are really amazing people who are willing to go the extra mile for society's children, but unfortunately, there are also a lot of people who could care less. It can be hard to differentiate, if you have been exposed to one sort of situation for most of your experience.

Keep your head up. It may seem really bleak at the moment, but there are people who care. There are people who will fight for you. It is also important to speak up. Even when you don't think anyone is listening- speak up if you are being mistreated or if you feel upset. This is so important that you be vocal so that people can help take you out of your current situation."

- Felicitas Reyes

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