"Be optimistic about your situation so that you may see the opportunity for growth and greatness."

Persevere Triumph shares #HerStory:

"The most challenging experience in the foster care system was prioritizing the steps to create a successful future, as I was distracted and consumed in my mental/emotional battles. Opening up in therapy, I've made it through those challenges.

The system taught me to appreciate my family. I could utilize our tough moments as an opportunity to spiritually grow. There were resources to help me move forward, although it was up to me to do my part to achieve them. Even though my staff, guardians or caregivers may help, I had to rely on myself to advocate for most of my needs and wants. I went through many tribulations, but I was not alone, I did it through God's grace, even when I was not aware.

Whether you are currently where you want to be or not, you have an amazing journey before you. Our situation may be tough, so let them encourage you to feel better and keep pushing forward. No one is flawless, not us, not our families, that is the way of life. However, we can learn from each other and strive to improve ourselves. Your destiny is awesome, but it is up to you to live it out."

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