"Stay in school and know the foster system is not there to hurt you all!" 

Tyeresha Barnett shares #HerStory:

"The most defining and challenging experience in the foster care system was the bulling and getting bullied! Foster parents treating their blood family better then the foster youth and the discreet verbal and physical abuse. They manipulated the social workers after we tried to report them, letting them know we're not comfortable.

What I needed the most when I was emancipating from the system was anger management, parenting classes, coping skills, education, budgeting skills.

The foster care system taught me patience, independent living skills and the ability to express built up feelings. I was taught I'm not alone and the best thing you could have is the best education!! School is the most important thing any person could have.

Piece of advice- It's ok to be heard. Talk about your problems and let your care provider know what is wrong! That's the only way you will be helped and achieve more than being shipped to a higher level facility, being restrained and medicated! It's ok to express your mental and emotional feelings!"

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