"The foster care system taught me how to be a great sister, an independent woman, a wonderful role model, a great mentor, and a outstanding mother. But most of all, it taught me how to love and I am forever thankful for that!"

Porsche Evans shares #HerStory:

"Maintaining a positive relationship between my 10 siblings and myself was the most defining and challenging experience during my time in the foster care system. We were tossed from home to home and torn between remaining in a comfortable home or leaving with your sibling because one of us was unwanted. All together we were in a total of about 50 foster homes, but through the help of a few people who truly cared, we are closer than ever and spent time with each other every chance we got!

What I needed most when I was emancipating from the system was a plan and someone to mentor me in the right direction. I also needed reassurance that I did not have to return to what was once normal because someone who cared was always waiting for me. I needed stability beyond 18.

The foster care system taught me the world can be a very dark place, but you don't have to be that way. Bring light to the world by being good to yourself when others fail. In addition to teaching me the importance of education, I knew I could be anything that I chose to be!

Remember you are wonderfully designed and perfect in your own way! The life you were given was not your choice but you can choose to make it a great one. I did and so can you. Random acts of kindness goes a long way. Someone told me I was great and I became just that. Now pass it on!"

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