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"Foster care has taught me that my past doesn't define me that I'm not just another statistic. With hard work, I can do anything and everything I want to be and do in life!"

Marilyn Arguello shares #HerStory:

"I feel like the hardest part about being in the foster care system was adjusting to it. I went into foster care at 15 years of age so being taken out of my home and school, having to move somewhere completely different and being placed in a home with 16 other girls who I didn't even know was difficult. I cried everyday because I was scared until I started little by little opening myself up to the idea of being in foster care, getting use to the kids and staff.

What I appreciated most while emancipating from the system was hearing those who watched me grow up during my time in care saying they were proud of me, that I've really grown and that they know I'm capable of facing the real world on my own!

My one piece of advice would be never give up. Always believe in yourself and don't let the system define who you are, you're more than just a foster kid, you can do any and everything you want as long as you believe in yourself and follow your dreams."

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