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"By staying positive, you can control the outcome of any circumstance you are currently in."

Daniel Flores shares #HisStory:

"Growing up in the system molded me to get accustomed to many new challenging chapters in my life. First being taken by Child Services in Los Angeles County at the age of five was a tough experience to settle in with multiple new unknown families. Another challenging experience is that I missed out on many great opportunities as an adolescent, not realizing the situation I was going through until my early adolescent years. It is very challenging to move on frequently not having the ability to look back and treasure the good moments of your youth, knowing I was all by myself with no sibling residing with me. My life under the system was a challenging experience because I was controlled by strict regulations.

The foster system taught me to become independent at a young age. It also taught me the differentiation of families and slowly teaching me how to create my own strong, loving, successful family. The system also provided me with resources and taught me how to utilize the given opportunities. Ultimately staying focused on my main goal of attending a four-year University. Overall the system taught me how to stay humble and thankful.

When I emancipated from the foster care system I ultimately think I needed a financial advisor, financial support and a resource provider.

The best piece of advice I can recommend is that every day you wake up you must keep your head up. Knowing the situation, you’re in, it is very tough to live through a full day. Stay on top of your education and extracurricular activities. And most of all, stay humble."

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