"The foster care system taught me to Trust in God for everything, to be self-sufficient, be mentally and physically tough, solid, and well-rounded."

Joseph Head shares #HisStory:

"One of the most challenging experiences in the foster care system was going from one foster home to another and having to switch schools at the beginning or middle of the semester. My educational development and growth were affected for years. Had to take special education classes and had to have my classroom work modified for lack of understanding classroom material. Moving from one foster home to a group home affected me emotionally because you get adjusted in the home and attached to certain individuals in those homes but in a couple of months, CPS decides to move you.

When I finally emancipated from the foster care system, I needed emotional support and sound adult advice from CPS workers, CASA, Judge's, group home foster parents, and church leaders.

The foster care system taught me how to survive in the streets and any place in the world, how to adapt and adjust to any environment and how to stay and remain positive in negative situations.

My advice to someone in the system would be stay close to Christ, remain hopeful and expect God by faith to do great and awesome things in and through your life regardless of statics and life experiences in the foster care system."

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