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"Remember that anything you put your mind/effort/soul/energy into is YOURS!!! Stay true to who you want to be no matter what they say!"

Eclasia Wesley shares #HerStory:

"Since entering foster care, I have experienced more than most. I lost both parents by the age of 18, I was failing all my classes and I was close to drifting off into negative/toxic behaviors. I had no siblings nor family that could take care of me, so entering care became my life. I literally became an orphan.

But being in foster care taught me to be resourceful and to never take things personally. When I finally emancipated from the system, I wish I had more real-life examples of the struggle. I needed more caring adults that would stick by me through all my mistakes and real people who actually cared for me. I needed more transition resources, like a parent.

You are going to have to motivate yourself and talk to GOD (or whoever you believe in) most times. Don’t be angry! Don’t allow anyone to pull you out of your character, because you are worth so much more than a reaction."

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