Kenisha E. Anthony / Scream as loud as you can until you are heard!

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"You are important. Your voice matters. Scream as loud as you can until you are heard!"

Kenisha E. Anthony shares #HerStory for #SpeakUp.

"I spent 13 years in the foster care system in Florida. I was removed from the care and custody of my parents at 4 years of age. I lived in relative, non-relative and foster care placements.

My most challenging experience in care was constantly being neglected by adult figures in my life. I felt as if I did not have a voice. Every time I spoke, I was muted, ignored, labeled a liar and recommended for a psychological evaluation.

My most defining moment in the foster care system was during my career as a Dependency Case Manager. I would receive case assignments, review the file and recommendations made by the Child Protective Investigator (CPI). I was not afraid to question the CPI’s about their recommendations. Based on my training and knowledge, I would require them to thoroughly explain how they reached their conclusion during case transfer staffing’s. I knew it was my responsibility to take valuable points before the court if the CPI failed to provide an investigative summary applicable to abuse, abandonment or neglect. On numerous of instances, I am proud to say that families were deterred from experiencing the pitfalls of the child welfare system."

"One piece of advice that I can offer youth in care is to never let anyone or anything silence you. You are important. Your voice matters. Scream as loud as you can until you are heard! #SPEAKUP.

I have more inspiration for youth to offer, so guess what I put it all in a book. Follow my book journey on Instagram @aboutlabeled."

"The foster care system taught me that there is beauty in the struggle. In life, you are going to be faced with some tough times. The struggle is you’ll be subjected to overcoming those times with limited resources. Giving up will a forerunner in your thoughts and emotions. The beauty is that the impossible is possible as long as you believe in yourself and never be defeated."

In the famous words of Nas, “If you believe, you can achieve”.

"At the time of my emancipation, I needed support, stability, and guidance the most."

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