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Know your worth, Know your value! Elizabeth Sutherland shares #HerStory for #SpeakUp✨

I grew up with literally no identity. I have no memory of the first few years of my life, other than the jarring experience of being dropped off at a stranger's house when I was a child. My siblings and I lived with our “grandmother,” who abused and mistreated us, children, every single day. When I finally escaped that life, I was thrusted into the foster care system. The day I turned eighteen, I was put out on my own. In my book, No Ordinary Liz, I highlight my journey through foster care and my quest to discover my true identity. My unique, complex birth story is just the start of this emotional read. If you're interested in learning more about my story, I can share an excerpt from the book!!

If I could give one piece of advice to someone in the system now it would be to know your worth and know your value!

The foster care system has taught me that it is just a stepping stone for you to leap on as you navigate your own life. It doesn't define you or make you less of a person.

What I needed most when emancipating from the foster care system was someone who was a consistent resource in my life.

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