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 Jackie T.

Jackie T.



"As a nine year old child, I was regularly deprived of food, beaten and locked in closets. One day, I was handed a garbage bag with a few items of clothes and driven to Delaware’s Youth and Family Services. There, I was left alone on the stairs.

From my first day in foster care, I felt alone, scared and vulnerable. Though I was free from one harsh reality, I had just entered into another. I spent sleepless nights and uncertain years wondering where I would end up next. It was a long, unstable, and very frightening journey for a child. 

So I began to #SpeakUp. I began to write, and I began to give others hope that we could make it because I believe we have to fight for people who don’t yet know they are worth fighting for."


Here's the Reality

Over 26,000 foster youth age out
of the system when they turn 18
every year

They are handed a trash bag, a list of homeless shelters or little resources, and sent into the world.


Why It's a Problem

By the age of 18, the average foster youth has
moved through 8 different foster homes


Constant Instability

Moving through so many homes and schools creates a feeling of being unwanted or unloved, and makes it difficult to develop the social and life skills cultivated in a loving home

Lack of Community

Their inability to build trust and maintain relationships lead to a network deficiency

Insufficient Resources

Security and optimism are replaced with loss and hopelessness when youth age out and have nowhere to turn for help


Our Work

Foster Nation supports and empowers foster youth
 aging out of the system to become the nation’s
 future leaders


Our career mentors help foster youth
 become even more amazing than
 they already are by honing their professional skills as they prepare to become self sufficient young adults


We host events that build a relatable, supportive and collaborative community for foster youth to feel heard, valued, and supported


We raise awareness through
 campaigns that bring the foster care experience to light, and empower foster youth to become self advocates

Who We Are

The Collective!


The Young Leaders Collective is a diverse group of LA-based entrepreneurs, movers & shakers, young leaders, and some former foster youth that believe everyone deserves equal access to success. Maggie Lin and Elise Weinberg (Co-Chairs) lead an all-volunteer team that draws strength from everyone's passion and commitment to the mission.


Maggie Lin
Collective Chair
Foster Nation

Elise Weinberg
Vice Chair
Alliance for Children's Rights


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