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Get Involved

Share the gift of your popularity, time,
swagger, talent and big heart!


Do Good, Feel Good

You can do anything to raise money to
support foster youth: run a marathon,
 donate your birthday or anniversary,
 have an art sale, host a party.

Time is Money

Share your precious time with us as
 a mentor, help us out at one of our
 events, or be our ambassador and
 spread the word.


We host awesome events in LA to
 bring together the coolest people
 with the biggest hearts – from
 fitness events to music festivals!


From hoodies to candles to iPhone
 cases, 100% of all proceeds will go
 towards our mission to support and
 empower foster youth aging out of
 the foster care system.


Doing good is contagious

You can literally do anything to raise money to support and empower foster youth
 aging out of the system. Setting up a campaign is easy as 1-2-3.


Step 1: Decide to Take Action

Take 2–5 minutes of your day to set up a
campaign to raise more money for foster
youth to be matched with a mentor that
supports and empowers them.

Decide what you want to do: bike, run a
marathon, donate your birthday, or do a
triple dog dare. Pick a photo, set a goal,
and boom – you’re ready to raise money!

Step 2: Get Your Friends & Family to Do Good With You!

You’re probably an Instagram or YouTube
celebrity already so all you have to do is
share via your social channels (Facebook,
Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat), and send
personal emails to people who love you.
Real friends donate to good causes their
friends care about ;)



#JoinTheNation of Fun

We host awesome events in LA to bring together the coolest people with the biggest hearts – from fitness events to music festivals!

Quarterly Event

The Young Leaders Collective plans an awesome event every quarter for hundreds of people to gather, party it up for good, and learn about the foster care system. In 2017, our events will bring together young people socializing to raise awareness through networking mixers, holiday fundraisers, art shows, and outdoor music festivals!

Foster × Fitness

Foster Nation partners with the hottest fitness studios and instructors to break a sweat while raising funds and awareness for foster youth aging out of the system.

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Partner With Us

Our Partners and Sponsors

We want to thank our community of partners and sponsors whose generosity,
 in-kind donations, passion, and service makes our work possible every day.


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