"The foster care system taught me how to fight for what I want in life, and not be deterred by outside circumstances or obstacles."

Adrielle Belle shares #HerStory:

"I spent most of my life in a single-parent home, with my mother who was verbally and physically abusive. I was eventually removed from her care and became a ward of the state in my teens. After my Foster Dad started sneaking into my room at night, I ran away and lived in a homeless shelter for a time, eventually couch surfing with a friend until I aged out. I was blessed to meet the most amazing social worker, who wanted me to realize my dream of becoming a singer/songwriter and helped me to nab a plane ticket to NYC on my 18th birthday. I was accepted into a performing arts conservatory in Manhattan, and haven't looked back since. I think my time in Foster Care served as an important stepping stone to discovering just how hard I would have to fight for my dreams, and learning that there are no outside factors that can determine who you can shape your future, if you just remember that you are worthy of any dream that you have- and that dream is worth fighting for.

What I needed most when I was emancipating from the system was a mentor. Someone to help me with all of the things you would call your mom and dad about as you try to figure out how to "Adult" on your own.

There isn't a single piece of paper in any manila folder with your name on it, that can determine who you are or what you'll become. You can't let temporary circumstances dictate your ever after. You are not less of a person, even in those moments when you have nothing. Just being here makes you 'enough.'"

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